Kentucky Sanctions Archery for High Schools

High-school archers in the bluegrass state hope to soon join teams that compete in events sanctioned by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA).

If you’re like many archery enthusiasts, you may have had a thought that goes something like this: “Man, how cool would it be if archery were like baseball or basketball, readily available and considered a totally legit sport?” If you’re anywhere near this line of thinking, the news out of Kentucky is a big deal. Not just for Kentucky, but for everybody.

“This is a major consideration by Kentucky,” said Jennifer Mazur, the Archery Trade Association’s coordinator of archery and bowhunting programs. “It’s a milestone achievement for the state that’s the birthplace of the National Archery in the Schools Program.”

Earlier this year, the KHSAA also sanctioned bowling and bass fishing as varsity sports for the state’s 220 public high schools, hoping to attract more student athletes into organized sporting activities.

Mazur thinks the decision will help motivate young archers to take up archery earlier and make it a bigger part of their lives.

“Should archery become a high-school sport, it should expand all forms of archery across Kentucky, whether the students are bowhunters, target archers, field archers or JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) competitors,” Mazur said. “We hope this will help pull more kids into leagues, archery clubs and advanced classes.”

Mazur hopes other state high-school athletic associations will follow Kentucky’s lead. “Kentucky is taking archery to another level,” Mazur said. “It’s planting the seed that youngsters can be competitive archers in high school, college and even the Olympics.”


My Favorite (and the Most Disgusting) Condiments from South Africa

by David Draper

A few weeks removed from my first trip to South Africa, there are many things I miss: the incredibly friendly people, the beautiful and varied landscape, and, of course, the abundant wildlife. But perhaps surprisingly (and perhaps not), one of the things I find myself thinking about most often is the food–and not just the flavorful game meat (I’m saving that for a later post). At nearly every meal, there were two things I invariably found myself reaching for: Mrs. H.S. Ball’s Original Recipe Chutney and Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce.

Chutney had mostly been a foreign concept to me. The few times I had it prior to Africa, I’d enjoyed it in restaurants, but it just wasn’t something I considered using at home. Well, that’s all changed after my first taste of Mrs. Ball’s. Made with peaches and apricots, the condiment delivers the perfect blend of sweet and spice. (The Hot version is even spicier, though not what I’d consider overly so.) I used it on rice, vegetables, eggs, and even (blasphemy!) backstrap. I didn’t think to smuggle any home, but luckily Mrs. Ball’s is so popular you can buy it here in the States, which is what I just did, ordering two bottles.

I also put an order in for a bottle of Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce. In South Africa and around the world, Nando’s is well known as the place to get great flame-grilled chicken coated in a peppery, lip-numbing sauce made from the African bird’s eye (or peri peri) chili. The chain of restaurants is so popular it started marketing a line of bottled sauces, ranging from the standard medium flavor to an extra hot version. Like Mrs. Ball’s, Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce is a staple on South African tables, similar in popularity, though not exactly flavor, to Tabasco here in the States.

Unlike my hunting partner Neil Davies, who was born in South Africa but now serves as the marketing director for Hornady, one taste I won’t be missing is Bovril. For Davies, the overpoweringly beefy, salty spread (similar in consistency and appearance to Marmite or Vegemite) is the “taste of [his] childhood” and he was anxious to dig into a jar on his first morning in camp. In the spirit of international relations, I tried some slathered on toast as he suggested. Imagine coating your tongue with a paste made from beef bouillon and you’ll pretty much get the idea of the throat-clenching response I had to my first, and last, taste of the stuff.


Arkansas Game Check, Info Now On An App

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Information Network of Arkansas have released a free AGFC Android application, available through Google Play.

The Droid application is the latest in a series of AGFC services developed to help hunters check game. The AGFC currently offers game check online at Game Check and toll-free at 866-305-0808. There’s also an iPhone app that offers hunters another game check option.

The AGFC Android application provides information and services for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts enjoying The Natural State.

Hunters can check game and view season dates and bag limits. Anglers can view fishing reports, use the fish identification search, and see Arkansas record catches.

A personalized trophy case allows users to upload their photos and trophy information which can be shared on Facebook, and email. Daily News and Alert notifications with links to AGFC Twitter and Facebook pages.

Links to purchase licenses on also are included.


Allen Company Deluxe Automatic Gun and Bow Retriever

Allen Company Deluxe Automatic Gun and Bow Retriever

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Allen Company Shotgun Shell Belt

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NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot (CD)

NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot (CD)

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Two Members Quit Deer Comittee

Officials on Vancouver Island are feuding over how to manage the deer population according to a report in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Two members of the Capital Regional District’s deer advisory committee have resigned, saying the process is broken beyond repair.

According to the story, the pair said they both went into the process with open minds. However, they found the structure of the advisory committee bogged down in opinion. They cited lack of expert evidence a poor facilitator and a farming bias.

According to the report, the 11-member committee was appointed in April to come up with recommendations for dealing with deer in the region.

The topic is highly controversial, the news outlet reported, with some Victoria residents adamantly opposed to killing deer and others arguing that numbers have to be reduced to stop gardens being gobbled, crops destroyed and people being injured in deer-vehicle collisions. The CRD has received 900 letters and emails on the subject.