Training My Dog To Shed Hunt – Year Two

By Mark Kenyon There are few things more exciting than coming over a rise and spotting that ivory sheen glistening in the sun. Across the field, tines sticking up high like a light house emerging from the sea – there it is. An antler. Not much can beat that rush as you first set eyes […]

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Remember Forrest Gump’s pal Bubba explaining all the shrimp recipes during their funny scene in the movie, which ultimately led to Gump’s seafood restaurant?

We feel the same way about venison recipes! (But we’re not opening a restaurant.)

Braised VenisonGrilled venison, ground venison, jerky, chili, venison tacos … oh, so many ways to prepare meals and snacks from our success in the field. There certainly is no shortage of recipes, cookbooks and tips for preparing and cooking venison, either!

Each week we try to offer a good recipe with our “Foodie Friday” posts, along with a good cookbook we think might be a bonus for your kitchen or camp. Each post is tagged so you can do a quick search on our site, but we’ve made things easier now with a dedicated page to find all the recipes and stories.

The easy thing to do is just bookmark this link and then you’ll be able to check each week or whenever you want to find a recipe. Or you can go to our homepage and put your cursor on the “Articles” tab in the menu bar, then click on “Cooking Venison and Game” to find them.

Be sure to check our recipes provided by some great folks – wild game chef Scott Leysath, Stacy Harris,, Eric Fromm and Al Cambronne, and others – each week or whenever you need a good recipe!

And if you need a new cookbook, click on any of the authors listed above or go here to shop for one!


Primos Truth DPS ‘Deer Positioning System Trail and Game Camera

Primos Truth DPS 'Deer Positioning System Trail and Game Camera

Nothing has to walk in front of the “DPS” to capture a photo. The “DPS” will record the entire day’s activity in 5 to 10 second intervals. You then can review the entire day’s worth of photos in under 3 minutes. The “DPS” is great for seeing where deer are entering and exiting a food plot. Know where your deer are going to be before your next hunt. Included SOFTWARE allows you to save individual photos or e-mail short clips of photos to your friends.

List price: $119.99

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Primos Hunting Double Bull Qs3 Magnum Ground Swat Camo Chair

Primos Hunting Double Bull Qs3 Magnum Ground Swat Camo Chair

When you spend as much time in our ground blinds as we do, you eventually create the “best seat in the house” instead of trying to “make do” with some chair from a discount store. Standard chairs are apt to cut off blood flow on the back of your legs, leading to discomfort and cold feet. They also restrict mobility and don’t allow the range of motion that our QS3 Tri-Stool provides. Of course, we designed this tri-stool at the perfect height to see through all of our blind window openings.

List price: $59.99

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Walker’s Game Ear Ultra Ear Behind-the-Ear Hearing Enhancers (2 Pack)

Walker's Game Ear Ultra Ear Behind-the-Ear Hearing Enhancers (2 Pack)

For individuals who are interested in testing out the many uses of hearing amplification while in the field, Walker’s Game Ear is offering the Ultra Ear. This new product, from the leader in hearing protection and sound amplification, offers consumers the opportunity to try sound amplification in the field in a cost-effective manner. The Ultra Ear is a low cost hearing amplification system that is lightweight and can be used in either ear. An adjustment system allows the user to modify tone and volume for optimum hearing. It also incorporates a mild compression circuit to help muffle muzzle blasts.

List price: $99.95

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Allen Company Neoprene Shotshell Belt (to Hold 25 Shotshells, Duck Blind)

Allen Company Neoprene Shotshell Belt (to Hold 25 Shotshells, Duck Blind)

Allen Neoprene 25 – Round Shotshell Belt Holds 25 shells up to 3 1/2″ long and fits just about any hunter with an adjustable waistband up to 58″. Also features a dual adjustable side release buckle for easy on and off. Load up for hunting season and order today! Allen Neoprene 25-Round Shotshell Belt

List price: $21.99

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Tac Force TF-705FC Outdoor Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed

Tac Force TF-705FC Outdoor Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed

Tac Force Knives – Part Serrated Linerlock Knife with Gray Camo Block Style Grooved Aluminum Handles. Model: TF705FC. 4 3/4″ closed. 3 3/8″ high carbon stainless assisted opening partially serrated drop point blade with thumb slot and extended tang with lashing hole. Block style grooved aluminum handles with drilled hole design and integrated bottle opener and glass breaker. Dual lanyard slot on spine. Stainless pocket clip with slot cutout design. Black blade. Gray camo handles. Black pocket clip.

List price: $47.84

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The 55 Best Field & Stream Reader Photos of 2012

Each month, Field & Stream editors review the hundreds of photos submitted by readers to our Trophy Room. If your photo is chosen to be printed in the Game Faces section of the magazine, you’ll win a Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet knife!

Submit your photos here!

Here are the monthly reader photo collections from last year: 
January 2012

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September 2012
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Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

The Universal Gun Cleaning accessory kit includes a three-piece universal brass cleaning rod. Nine phosphor bronze brushes to fit .22, .270/7mm, .30, .357/9mm, .40/10mm and.44/.45 calibers, along with 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 bore. Five swabs for 12 gaugeand 20 gauge, plus .35/38, .22/ .270,.40/45/calibers. Four slotted ends to fit .410 bore to 20 gauge, 16 and 12 gauge, .30 caliber and .22 caliber. Shotgun and pistol adaptable.

List price: $29.95

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