Yukon Gear Lightweight 6-Pocket Pants

Yukon Gear Lightweight 6-Pocket Pants

Mossy Oak Infinity patterned 6 pocket cotton pants feature a 7oz CVC brushed twill. Waist is adjustable and pull tabs at ankles for an adjustable fit.

List price: $32.99

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ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack with Harness (Realtree Xtra HD)

ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack with Harness (Realtree Xtra HD)

The Little Bear is what you need for your next outing for so many reasons; whether you’re doing some stealth hunting, scouting, or just going to your stand. With four, various sized pockets and 500 cubic inches, you have enough space to store your small gear and keep it organized. There is a removable shoulder harness so depending on your trip and the weight you are carrying, you can bring it along, or leave it at home. The padded waist belt maximizes the comfort level so you barely even know you are wearing the pack and with the attractive brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric, you’re sure to stay hidden from your prey. We have made the Little Bear more modular by adding a Binocular, Camera, or Turkey Call Pocket option. All three of these options can be clipped onto the front of the Little Bear depending on your certain needs, or the Little Bear is functional alone.

List price: $59.99

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Weber’s Leathers Men’s Trifold with Buck Concho

Weber's Leathers Men's Trifold with Buck Concho

Weber’s wildlife genuine leather billfold features a distinctive zinc buck critter concho on the front lower right corner. The trifold features an all leather interior, nine-total storage pockets, an interior clear-view window and a full-length bill divider.

List price: $33.00

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Hunter’s Specialties Realtree Xtra Green Leafy Head Net

Hunter's Specialties Realtree Xtra Green Leafy Head Net

The Hunter’s Specialties Flex Form II Leafy Head Net is made of breathable mesh netting for warm weather camouflage. Featuring attached leaf pattern for improved concealment. Adjustable nose bridge and concealed elastic provide comfort and adjustability. Eyehole opening conforms to face, offering unobstructed vision. One size fits most. Now available in Realtree Xtra Green Camo, providing unmatched clarity and 3D leafy realism.

List price: $10.59

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Buck Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

Buck Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

Originally created as a limited edition model, the 113 Ranger Skinner is a stylish and performance oriented combination of Buck?s famous Ranger and the classic Buck Vanguard . Streamlined to be smaller, yet designed to be effective, this knife will get any job done in the field. The classic look, ergonomic handle and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it. This design fills the need for a sturdy, compact knife with a versatile skinning blade.

List price: $86.00

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What Would You Do About This 9-Point Buck?

What Would You Do About This 9-Point Buck?

Wisconsin deer hunters faced a dilemma about a 9-point buck and figured out a way to resolve the situation, although it’s now drawing interest in hunting circles.

(Photo: WikiHow.com)

Eleven-year old Kameron Jorgenson shot a 9-point buck near Oneida, Wis., and it hit the ground. Then he and his father watched as the deer “came back up, and took off running,” said the father, D.J.

They tracked the animal to their neighbor’s land. But before they could get the deer, the neighbor, Randy Heyrman, shot and killed it. WLUK-TV reported the story that is giving hunters something to talk about in what is an age-old debate: who claims the buck when shot by two hunters?

Jorgenson said they disagreed, and then agreed on settling with a coin flip. He pulled out a quarter, Heryman flipped it, little Kameron called “tails” and it came up … heads.

Heryman kept the deer. The 11-year-old got a photograph and a memory about his 2014 opening day deer hunt that he’ll never forget.

As in many states, hunters must get permission to pursue a deer on private property. Heryman was within his rights to keep the deer. D.J. Jorgenson wasn’t happy with the outcome, though.

“I wish he would have done the right thing to begin with,” he told WLUK. “All my son wants is his deer that he shot.”

What do you think about this? Let us know in the “comments” section below.

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Primos Gunhunter’s Vest

Primos Gunhunter's Vest

The GunHunter-Feets Vest keeps everything that is essential to gun and muzzloader hunters stored and organized. Jimmy Primos and members of the Primos Team have been working on perfecting this vest for 3 years. All the features of the GunHunter-Feets Vest are here to keep you organized, comfortable and ready to make the shot. The GunHunter-Feets Vest has hand warmer pockets, large button pockets on the exterior for binoculars with interior shot gun shell loops.

List price: $69.99

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Revealed: The Best Times for the Rut This Deer Season

Revealed: The Best Times for the Rut This Deer Season

Interested in finding out the best times for the peak rut this season and when to be in the stand for a shot at a big buck?

Hunt the prime white-tailed deer rut days this fall using the 2014 Deer & Deer Hunting Northern Rut Forecast. It’s the perfect resource to ensure you’ll be in your stand for the heart of the whitetail rut.

Not every Northern hunter has the flexibility to block out the whole month of November to ensure a ringside seat to the rut. Behind years of research by Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Charles Alsheimer and Vermont wildlife biologist Wayne Laroche, this download lets hunters know the optimal times to hunt and observe the whitetail rut.

Charlie Alsheimer killed this great buck on Nov. 17 as it “dog-trotted” two does around a food plot.

All things being equal, the rut’s sweet spot – the time when rutting behavior peaks – will begin about three days after the rutting moon and last for about 10 days. During this time, bucks will be frantically rubbing, scraping, fighting, cruising their expanded territory and chasing nearly every doe they encounter. This is the golden time for a hunter to be in the woods.

In this in-depth analysis of the 2014 rut, Alsheimer and Laroche forecast exactly when you can expect rut activity to pick up in your neck of the woods. Calendar pages for October, November and December show you the exact days you should target to be in your stand this fall!

The 35th latitude is the dividing line for Deer & Deer Hunting‘s Northern and Southern rut predictions. Starting from the east, this line runs across the country from approximately Charlotte, N.C., to Tulsa, Okla., to Amarillo, Texas. The North consists of all states with whitetail populations other than Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas; the southern halves of Arkansas, Arizona and New Mexico; and the southernmost parts of North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Don’t miss out this season when the best time of the peak rut occurs in your area!

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A Deer Came In Grunting, and It Sounded Like This

A Deer Came In Grunting, and It Sounded Like This

Gordy Krahn knows that a realistic call can make a difference with a wary buck.

While hunting in Saskatchewan recently I had a giant doe and her two shaggy donkey yearlings about 30 or 40 yards away when they suddenly looked behind my ground blind.

I already had a lynx come padding through so I figured maybe this was going to be a wolf or sasquatch or something from outer space. Hey, in the middle of the woods in Nowhere, Saskatchewan, you don’t know what might show up.

Braaaappp … Braaaappp … Braaapppppp … Braaaapppp …

A little 6-pointer came into view of my ground blind window. I could hear him before I saw him and he was grunting to beat the band. Two or three steps, Braaaapppp. Couple of steps, Braaaaappppp.

It’s cool to hear critters in the wild when they’re relaxed and acting normal. I figured this teenage buck was a little randy, smelled the doe and figured he’d throw out a few romantic lines. She didn’t care for them at all. But it was fun to watch and to hear the real sounds.

You can do the same with a deer grunt call that makes these sounds, thanks to a specially designed chamber that mimics a buck’s vocal chords. It’s an invaluable tool to use throughout the season and learn when to be subtle or aggressive to get a buck’s attention.

Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Gordy Krahn knows bucks make different sounds and having a super call to mimic them can be a key to putting one on the ground.

“This is an amazing value,” Krahn said. “The Stretchback Grunter Kit from DUEL Game Calls not only includes its two-chambered call that produces incredibly accurate deer vocalizations, it comes with a bunch of other resources that are guaranteed to make you a better hunter. Three D&DH TV digital downloads, ‘Rattling and Calling Secrets’ digital online course with Robert Zaglin, and a D&DH download on how to use deer calls. Oh, my!”

Click here to learn more … 

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ALPS Outdoorz Max-1 HD Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

ALPS Outdoorz Max-1 HD Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

The Traverse EPS can carry all the gear you could possibly want to bring to the stand, or accompany you on a multi-day backcountry hunt with 3300 cu. in. of storage that is until you need more. The Traverse EPS features an Expandable Pack Section (EPS). Just unzip the EPS portion of the pack and you will find an additional 1200 in3 of storage is there when you need it for a total of 4500 in3. The EPS section is designed for hauling out game after a successful hunt and it is vented to allow your harvest to cool on your way out of the backcountry. It is also great for larger items such as tripods, camera arms, or bulky clothing. The EPS section is close to your body allowing the heavy loads to be manageable by keeping them close to your torso. The top-of-the-line “H” frame design and multi-layer foam waist belt with a PE outer layer that will make the perfect combination for carrying heavy loads comfortably. The key to carrying weight comfortably is to have a strong frame and a rock-solid, adjustable suspension and that’s exactly what the Traverse has, making it one of the most advanced internal-frame packs in the industry. The Traverse EPS also has a weapon carrying system that utilizes the two front wing pockets and a drop down weapon pocket to carry your compound bow or rifle securely. There is a padded spotting scope pocket that will fit most of the larger spotting scopes and keeps them from getting banged up, but still keeps it and the tripod easily accessible.

List price: $179.99

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