Protect Your Fawns by Targeting, Managing Predators

Protect Your Fawns by Targeting, Managing Predators

A scene some believe is too prevalent in the Southeast and elsewhere, including the Northeast where concerns are growing about fawn predation.

On every deer hunting trip I’ve ever been on, whether on private land with buddies or at a hunting lodge or on public land, I always ask about whether it’s OK to shoot predators.

Coyotes, bobcats, wolves, skunks, opossums, foxes … whatever is possible, and if they’re detrimental to the deer or other wildlife, I’ll ask about it and check on state regulations. If they’re legal to shoot and the landowner or my host allows it, I’ll gladly help out.

It’s not that I’m some kind of bloodthirsty killer. But if the landowner or host says, “Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of coyotes this year, kill whatever you can” then that’s a green light. More information is being revealed every year about coyote predation on white-tailed deer fawns, and not just in the Southeast. More northeast states are taking a hard look at this problem, too.

Coyotes are incredibly adaptive. In my opinion, a year-round trapping method is the most effective for predator control. That includes for feral hogs, too. But hunting is a boatload of fun. After deer seasons end, getting a good predator call and hitting the woods or fields can yield a positive result with a few dead fawn-killers. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with the hunting property and get kids involved.

Check out this super predator call from ICOtec that can help you put more coyotes and predators on the dirt.

The new ICOtec GC500 is a highly efficient unit that is durable, easy to operate, powerful and very affordable. You can’t go wrong with this electronic game call if you are a beginner or a more experienced hunter that demands expandability.

The GC500 is great for attracting coyotes, bobcats, foxes, wolves, bears, crows, raccoons, whitetail deer, snow geese, wild turkeys and much more. With an amber backlit digital screen and control buttons, the caller is the ideal nighttime hunting companion.

If you are a master of the hand call, take advantage of the remote range and stay hidden from your game. The more advantages you have, the more results you are potentially going to see.

Not only does the versatile ICOtec GC500 Game Call come with 24 pre-programmed calls, but it also has the capability to hold up to 200 additional calls from your library, with no limit on call length.

This high-quality game call has an included remote with a 300-yard range, so you can easily view your calls, monitor the battery level and adjust the volume level. The remote comes with even more functionality, allowing you to record hand-call sequences and plug in remote-activated, electronic predator decoys, and control them using the AUX button on the remote.

Predator Calls:

  • Coyote Female
  • Coyote Yip/Howl
  • Coyote Male
  • Coyote Pup Distress
  • Jack Rabbit Distress
  • Cottontail Distress
  • Gray Fox Distress
  • Timber Wolf Alpha Howl
  • Timer Wolf Pups
  • Red Fox Distress
  • Mouse Voles
  • Bobcat Adult
  • Bobcat In Heat
  • Raccoon Baby Distress
  • Crow Baby Distress
  • Crow & Barred Owl
  • Woodpecker Distress
  • Snow Geese Flying
  • Snow Geese Feeding
  • Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
  • Wild Turkey Hen Chirps
  • Fawn Distress
  • Whitetail Buck Grunt
  • Whitetail Snort Wheeze


  • 300-yard remote control range. No line of sight required!
  • Program up to 200 calls.
  • Includes 24 quality sounds by Wildlife Technologies.
  • Activate a decoy from the remote.
  • Backlit screen and control buttons.
  • Standard size SD card, up to 32 GB.
  • Plays .mp3 and .wav files up to 16 bit rate.
  • Great volume and an external speaker port for even more volume
  • High-quality audio speaker (15 watts) for superior call replication.
  • Unit powered by four AA batteries (not included)
  • Remote powered by one 9volt battery (not included)

Remote Control Features:

  • 1.625-inch x 1-inch digital screen
  • 300-yard range
  • Volume up/down buttons
  • Channel up/down buttons
  • Save up to six favorites
  • Play button
  • Stop button
  • Amber backlit buttons
  • Lanyard loop
  • Power switch
  • Automatic sleep mode to maximize battery life
  • Synch cable port

Stretch your hunting budget without sacrificing features, quality or results. ICOtec is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality, affordable technology products for hunters. Easy to use and easy to program, you will see tremendous results with ICOtec products.


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Hoppe’s No. 9 Critter Target Paper, Big Buck And Deer (Pack of 5)

Hoppe's No. 9 Critter Target Paper, Big Buck And Deer (Pack of 5)

Official competition target paper, measuring 28″ x 28″. Great way to test your accuracy in shooting. Realistic life-size target. Highlights vitals and highly terminal areas. Includes pack of 5.

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Tim Greiner’s 2014 Ohio Public Land Success

Today we’ve got a short reader success story from Tim Greiner, as he describes his public land adventure for an Ohio buck. Please join me in congratulating Tim on this great deer! – MK By Tim Greiner I set up on a creek crossing between two bedding areas around noon on October 29th,…

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Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves with Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff, Mossy Oak New Break-Up

Our light-weight stretch-fit gloves are cool and breathable with a 5-Inch extended cuff. They are great for spring turkey season or early bow season. One size fits most.

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Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Set 7-Inch/6.5-Inch Overall

Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Set 7-Inch/6.5-Inch Overall

ER-300CA is a great two piece set for the outdoors. It is a great tool to have by your side while hunting small or big game. This set comes with one 7inch overall skinner and one 6.5inch overall gut hook. Both blades are 440 stainless steel and the set can be tucked away in a high grade nylon Elk Ridge sheath.

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The Best Tips to Become a Better Bowhunter

The Best Tips to Become a Better Bowhunter

Have you begun shooting more frequently or at different angles to prepare for bow season this year? (Photo: Alan Clemons)

Bowhunting for white-tailed deer has witnessed an explosion of interest in the last 20 years. As deer populations have soared and bowhunting gear and tactics have gone mainstream, more deer hunters are picking up the stick and string to chase their favorite quarry.

Shoot a bow long enough and you will desire to improve your consistent range to longer ranges. We all know there is a point where it is unethical to take long shots at live deer, but at the same time, most of us want to maximize our time afield. Whether you want to build your confidence out to 30 yards, 40 yards or even a tad farther, the key is practice, practice, practice. And practice.

Team USA archer Brady Ellison of Arizona enjoys hunting when he’s not winning medals in competition.

While honing those skills, you will invariably need to learn which shooting style and what types of gear will be necessary to acquire so you can take your game to the next level. If that’s where you’re at, I would strongly suggest spending the $10 it will cost to get yourself a copy of Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Better Bowhunting. This is one of the most useful publications we have produced in the 20 years that I’ve worked here.

It spans 128 pages and is filled with useful advice on everything from broadhead weights and designs to the nuances involved in correctly measuring your draw length.

“This is 128 pages of expert, no nonsense instruction that will benefit any bowhunter no matter what his or her experience level is,” said Gordy Krahn, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting. “Learn how to paper tune arrows, set up a bow and get the most from practice sessions. Want to become a better shooter and a better hunter? Read this book.”

To learn more about Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Better Bowhunting and to get a copy for yourself, click this link.


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Mossy Oak Full Spandex Face Mask

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Yes4All 10.75

Sharp, heavy duty, reliable tactical hunting, survival knife with black nylon sheath.

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State Mulls Controversial Proposal to Allow Sales of Deer Meat

State Mulls Controversial Proposal to Allow Sales of Deer Meat

For decades, states have banned hunters from selling deer meat but now one group of legislators is considering a controversial proposal to overturn that longtime prohibition.

New Jersey Assembly members are considering a bill that would allow hunters to sell deer meat.

That idea has spawned numerous discussions, too, about commercial sale of wildlife and management strategies.

According to the New Jersey Herald, a bill in the New Jersey General Assembly is still waiting for a hearing in the assembly’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. One reason, no doubt, is because of its controversial nature.

Some want more deer killed because of their impact in the Garden State on the plants due to overbrowsing, vehicle accidents and the continued rise of Lyme disease. The latter, of course, is spurred in part by deer that carry ticks infected with the disease.

Opponents say the potential for overhunting is rife, along with the commercialization of a state resource. Animal “rights” activists, naturally, don’t want any lil’ critter harmed and want expensive (and ineffective) sterilization methods used on deer.

“Anybody driving around is able to see a deer population that has exploded,” said Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, who is sponsoring the bill. “I’m concerned about the high number of Lyme cases and I’m also very concerned about the car accidents, half of which occur between October and December.”

Venison that is sold now in the states comes from commercial farms. The report said that according to The Wall Street Journal, about 85 percent of all commercially-sold venison in the United States actually comes from New Zealand. Casagrande argued that with so many deer already available, shipping meat from an international source is silly.

What do you think? Should hunters be allowed to sell wild deer they kill? Let us know with your comments.

2015 Whitetail Lunar Wall Calendar

You’ll love the Deer & Deer Hunting 2015 Whitetails Wall Calendar if:

  • You want to know when the 2015 rut will peak
  • You want to plan your vacation around the 2015 whitetail rut
  • You want a 2015 deer hunting lunar calendar with stunning white-tailed deer photos

From Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, the 2015 Whitetails Wall Calendar features the work of deer researchers Wayne Laroche and Charlie Alsheimer, who reveal the 2015 whitetail rut prediction, based on years of lunar cycle research. Utilize this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing, so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt.

The calendar features amazing whitetail deer photography, capturing deer in all the seasons and providing deer activity charts so you can plan your hunt. It’s not only the most useful calendar you’ll own, but quite possibly the ultimate gift for any deer hunter!

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