Wildlife Research 385 Magnum Dripper Active-Scrape Combo, 4 Fluid Ounces

Wildlife Research 385 Magnum Dripper Active-Scrape Combo, 4 Fluid Ounces

Wildlife Research 385 Magnum Dripper Active-Scrape Combo pack includes 1 Magnum Scrape Dripper, 4 fluid ounces of Time Release Active Scrape Scent and 1 “Scrape Hunting” Book. The patented Magnum Scrape Dripper is the deadliest method known to keep a scrape fresh and working. Drips your buck lure only during the day to make sure the buck works the scrape during the day. This allows you to pattern the buck. It will operate for 2-3 weeks on 4 fluid ounces of scent, depending on conditions. It gradually intensifies the scent output to get bucks even more riled up! Normally shuts down during rain and bad weather, so it saves your valuable scent. No batteries required.

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5 Ways Your Sad Super Bowl Venison Nachos Really Suck

5 Ways Your Sad Super Bowl Venison Nachos Really Suck

No meat, sloppy mess … these sad nachos look like a toddler went through a salad buffet with a rake. Don’t make these for your party! (DDH photo: Alan Clemons)

With babies and octogenarians stocking up on everything needed for The Big Game! this weekend, it’s definitely time to take a look at one of the most popular snacks for football games ever in the history of the world.

No, not Doritos, although those are among my favorites. Maybe my No. 1 favorite snack. Love ‘em.

I’m talking about nachos — that often superbly created and sometimes horribly designed snack for football parties and summer shindigs.

Making the best nachos comes with practice and careful thought, similar to going to the shooting range when you’re learning how to sight in a rifle scope. You don’t just show up the first time and hit a bull’s eye right off the bat. Nor will all of your nacho creations look or be fantastic.

Some will, of course, and especially so after you’ve perfected the process. Others may look like a group of third graders were given Red Bull and watched a movie about Jackson Pollock’s art before being given brushes and cans of paint. Your nachos may appear like the photo above — an ugly mess that just screams for a sad trombone.

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The cool thing about nachos is that you can add or omit whatever you prefer. Don’t like jalops or spicy stuff? Put it on the side in a bowl for optional adding. Tomatoes at the local grocer not fresh enough? Use canned. Venison? Duck? Fish? Yep, your imagination can run wild.

But in the end, you don’t want a big plate of soggy chips and nasty flavors. Good nachos should have some texture with the bite, a nice crunch of a chip along with a mini-burst or two that makes you say, “Mmmm, these are good.”

And then you scream “Fire! Sasquatch!” and grab the bowl to go hide and gorge on them by yourself. No? No gorging? Ok, but you could, y’know. A good host will have more nachos.

Use fresh ingredients when possible to improve the flavors of your food.

What are some of the worst things about bad nachos? Glad you asked. Here are mine:

1. Soggy chips. Yuck.
2. No flavor. Where’s the “Mmmmm!” moment?
3. No spicy kick. If I wanted oatmeal I’d have asked for a bowl of farina or steel ground oats.
4. You used Velveeta “cheese.” C’mon, dude, get some real cheddar or at least the shredded cheddar in a bag. That yellow hunk of whatever? Ugh.
5. Make your own guacamole. It’s easy to make.

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Instead of having sucky nachos, here are some ways you can create the best venison nachos for your parties this year:

Use Ground Venison
What a great way to enjoy your deer season success! Brown the ground venison, maybe with a little chili powder, crushed red pepper flakes or whatever spices you prefer. You don’t have to mask the venison flavor but it shouldn’t be bland, either. Drain if necessary, although unlikely since ground venison is lean and nutritious.

For a different offering, slow-cook your venison in the smoker or slow-cooker and then pull and chop. Instead of ground meat you’ll have more texture and a bolder flavor. Smoke a shoulder or pop a roast in the cooker. It takes a little more time but can be that, “Wow, did you try his nachos with that awesome venison?” moment.

Mmmm … slow-cooked venison is great for your nachos as a new twist!

Use Good Chips
We’ve all seen thin chips that break and can’t support a good scoop of meat, beans and guac, thus leaving a mess. And we’ve seen chips that you could stack and fuse together to create a hockey puck. Neither are good for nachos, which require a corn chip — corn has more dippin’ stability — that isn’t too thin or too thick, has a good crunch and will have some flavor. Personally, I like Tostitos Scoops for dipping and regular Tostitos for a platter.

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh
Your fixings will be enjoyed more if you use fresh items: onion, peppers, lettuce, the best tomatoes you can find, good cheese you grate yourself, maybe some cool upkicks like roasted poblano peppers and some of Uncle Ty’s hot salsa.

If you’re having a party for family and friends, don’t skimp on crappy stuff just to save a few bucks. Go all out with fresh ingredients (and good beer), and really make it a good party. No sad trombones, please. Be sure to drain anything well, too, so you don’t have a lot of juices turning it all into a gloppy mess.

I prefer a nice dice on my onions and tomatoes, and for my pico. I don’t want giant chunks of anything that hits me upside the head with a bite. Giant onion bite this time, next time I get a hunk of jalop or garlic, and the third bite I’m eating tomato soup. Please dice. Don’t chunk. If you’re using jalapenos, remove the seeds to avoid the fire or leave them in (but tell your guests). And if you’re using cilantro, remember that a little can go a long way. Start small and add more if need be, but remember that you can’t remove an entire bunch of chopped cilantro once you toss it in.

You Know I’m All About That Bake
Once you get your chips, venison, black or refried beans, perhaps, layered on, then add the cheese. Do another layer of chips, meat, beans and cheese, then another if you’re making a big tower of nachos, and then top with more cheese.

Pop it into the oven on the broiler setting for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Then add your fresh ingredients — the tomatoes, lettuce, onions — after removing from the oven.

Add your pico de gallo, fresh goodies and then enjoy.

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River's Edge 3 Picture Deer Firwood Root Frame

The River’s Edge Deer Firewood Frame is beautifully constructed with poly resin hand painted deer, give this frame that extra detail to draw attention to your personal photos. This frame will add character and flare to any rustic themed room. It would be perfect for your family cabin, vacation home, or man cave. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

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Tink's Mr. October Buck Decoy

Tink’s Mr October Inflatable Buck Decoy high-definition printing technology creates realistic look. Printed “soft skin” comes installed over heavy gauge rubber liner. 2 poses – standing or bedding position. Super light tail moves with the slightest breeze. No loud plastic parts to bang against brush. Sets up quietly in minutes. Fits easily in a backpack. Compact enough to take on any hunting trip. Lightweight, just over 3 pounds. Slight head turn posture to challenge dominant bucks. Detachable antlers.

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Primos Shawty – Hands Free Buck and Doe Call with 5-in-1 Grunt and Bleat Call

Primos Shawty - Hands Free Buck and Doe Call with 5-in-1 Grunt and Bleat Call

The Lil’ Shawty Hands Free Buck & Doe is an adjustable reed call. Time and time again you will need a call that will allow you to call while keeping your hands on your gun or bow. The Lil’ Shawty Hands-Free Buck & Doe is the perfect choice for those close encounters.

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Friday Morning Mashup 1/30/15

By Mark Kenyon Happy Friday folks! The Super Bowl is this weekend, shed hunting is right around the corner, and ya know, it’s Friday. Life is good, right? That said, to keep you well stoked on whitetails over the next couple days, we’ve collected some of the top deer and hunting related…

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BREAKING NEWS: Lighted Nocks Approved for Bowhunters

BREAKING NEWS: Lighted Nocks Approved for Bowhunters

After years of steadfast resistance to lighted nocks as technology that wasn’t in the best interests for hunters or fair chase, one state wildlife commission has finally seen the light — yes, pun intended — about the simple, helpful bowhunting tool that aids in game recovery.

Finally! What a great day for bowhunters and hunting in general. Lighted nocks do absolutely nothing to give a bowhunter an edge on scouting, locating or killing an animal, but they are a fantastic resource for locating the impact site and blood trail or the animal. Making every effort to recover game is a basic tenet of hunting and lighted nocks are a great way to do this.

Here’s a press release about the changes:

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved regulation changes that impact big game hunting in Colorado. These approvals, made at its January meeting, are in addition to other regulation changes made in November.

Commissioners received briefings on a variety of possible changes over the past several months and approved the following changes for the 2015 Big Game season:

  • Archers may now use lighted nocks on arrows, which can help aid in recovery of game animals. New rules are also in place that allow recording devices to be mounted on a bow.
  • Antler shed collection in the Eagle and Roaring Fork Valleys now has restrictions in place for collecting sheds at certain times of the year. This helps minimize disturbance of animals on their winter range.
  • The draw is now regulated so youths get at least 15 percent of the limited licenses in every game management unit for antlerless pronghorn, antlerless and either-sex deer and antlerless elk for all methods of take and seasons, including early and late rifle seasons.
  • Additional elk hunts are now available in game management units 128 and 61, to help aid in the quality of hunts, better manage the elk population east of I-25, and address landowner concerns.
  • Additional deer hunts are now available in GMU 65, 41, 55, 551, 201, 103 and 109.
  • Pronghorn muzzleloader season has been moved to Sept. 21-29.
  • Area restrictions are now in place for moose hunters in GMU 20 and 29. The restriction is a quarter mile that extends out from the high water mark of Brainard Lake until the U.S. Forest Service gate closes, (at or near Oct. 12). Once the gate closes, the closure is lifted.
  • Additional moose licenses are now available in GMU 38. Hunters can also now choose between a license for GMUs 7, 8, and 191 or a license for 191 only.
  • Bear season has been expanded if the hunter purchases an elk or deer license in a matching GMU.

Listen to the recorded discussion of these topics and more at

All CPW regulations are available at . A summary of these changes will also be available in the 2015 Big Game Brochure scheduled for release Feb. 10.

The Commission meets regularly and travels to communities around the state to facilitate public participation in its processes.

The Commission is scheduled to meet for the March meeting in Denver. In 2015 PWC will hold meetings in: May (Grand Junction); June (Gunnison); July (Frisco); August (Durango); September (Craig); November (Wray); and December (Pueblo).

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Wildgame Innovations 6V Digital Power Control

Wildgame Innovations 6V Digital Power Control

The TH6VD digital power control unit features digital electronics, 4 available feed times, feed time durations from 1 to 20 seconds and a 360 degree 30-foot dispersal range. The black powder-coated, galvanized steel unit comes with adjustable mounting brackets (screws included), an extremely durable galvanized steel spinner plate, 2″ drop funnel, high-torque 6V motor, and a unique sliding door design providing easy access to the timer. 4 year warranty. 6V battery not included.

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KillZone Turret Hunting Pop-Up Ground Blind for Turkey and Deer Hunting with Zero Detect Camo

KillZone Turret Hunting Pop-Up Ground Blind for Turkey and Deer Hunting with Zero Detect Camo

The KillZone Turret Pop-Up Style Ground Blind with Zero Detect Camo lets you stay more mobile and hunt any area faster and quieter while staying more concealed than ever before. The Turret is quiet, easy to set up, and features a lightweight steel frame design that makes for easy and stealthy deployment in your favorite spot. The Turret features a tough, scentless carbon protected interior and weatherproof polyester fabric exterior for a durable, water-repellent finish. 4 Full View Windows with integrated portal windows and removable camo mesh coverings ensure that you’re never surprised by game. A zippered door makes entry and exit a breeze. We include a convenient carry bag with shoulder strap and ground stakes at no extra charge. Features: * 4 Camo Removable-Mesh Shooting Turrets * Scent-Dampening Carbon Stealth Protection * Black-Out Interior with Open Floor * Zero Detect Camo Pattern * Includes Stakes and High Wind Tie-Downs * Size: 5’6″ Square x 5’8″ Tall * Collapsed Dimensions: 24″ Round (Diameter) x 2″ Thick * Backpack Case * Weight: 14 lbs.

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