KillZone Hunting Turret XL Hub Style Ground Blind Deer Turkey with Zero Detect Camo

KillZone Hunting Turret XL Hub Style Ground Blind Deer Turkey with Zero Detect Camo

The Turret XL Hub Style Hunting Blind by KillZone lets you stay more mobile and hunt any area faster and quieter while staying more concealed than ever before. The lightweight steel hubs and fiberglass pole design make for easy and stealthy deployment in your favorite spot. The Turret XL features a tough, scentless carbon protected interior and weatherproof polyester fabric exterior for a durable, water-repellent finish.

4 Full View Windows with shade style mesh and 7 Slot Windows with removable shoot-through camo mesh coverings ensure you’re never surprised by game. A zippered door makes entry and exit a breeze, and the new zippered roof hatch offers more shooting options. A convenient carry bag with shoulder strap and ground stakes are included at no extra charge.


* Hub Style / Portable Blind
* Triangle Roof Hatch with Zipper Closure
* Center Height: 66″
* Interior Hub-to-Hub: 72″ x 72″
* 4 Full Size Windows with Mesh (12″ H x 21″ W)
* 7 Slot Windows with Camo Removable Mesh (15″ H x 9″ W)
* Scent-Dampening Carbon Stealth Protection
* Black-Out Interior with Open Floor
* Zero Detect Camo Pattern
* Includes Stakes and High Wind Tie-Downs
* Backpack Case: 42″ x 6″ x 6″
* Weight: 14 lbs.

List price: $179.99

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VIDEO: How to Clean a Deer Rifle in 3 Steps

VIDEO: How to Clean a Deer Rifle in 3 Steps

A good deer rifle is a tool that should work for you at the range and in the field, instilling confidence and doing a task when called upon no matter what the conditions.

But you can’t ignore it, either. Your best deer rifle, whether it’s 38 years old or brand new off the shelf from the store, needs to be cared for. Knowing how to clean a deer rifle is one of the best things you can learn to do, and it’s also a great thing to teach your son or daughter.

Dan Schmidt from Deer & Deer Hunting learns how to clean a deer rifle in 3 easy steps with help from Jake Edson, who explains the new Hoppe’s No. 9 gun-cleaning kit “1-2-3 Done!” This video was shot at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

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Prescribed Fire Wildly Beneficial for Deer, Wildlife, Habitat

Prescribed Fire Wildly Beneficial for Deer, Wildlife, Habitat

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s private lands biologists have scheduled a series of free workshops offered to teach landowners the proper and safe use of prescribed fire to improve wildlife habitat.

Prescribed burning is one great way to eliminate understory growth and leaf litter, and rejuvenate the soil.

Throughout history, humans have used fire to shape their landscape, including upland forests and fields in Arkansas that have a long history with fire. Fire is still a driving force in the state’s landscape. Fire improves habitat for wildlife by encouraging germination of beneficial plants, controlling undesirable plants, reducing wildfire danger, and opening forests to allow growth of grasses and forbs in the understory.

According to AGFC Central Arkansas Regional Private Land Biologist Clint Johnson, wildlife species such as deer, turkey, quail, and a host of nongame species benefit from and thrive on habitats maintained by fire.

“Fire is the most cost effective method for restoring and maintaining upland habitats and many landowners are already using this valuable tool in Arkansas,” Johnson said. “Properly managed habitat using the proper burning methods can increase available high quality food and cover for game animals twice that of planting food plots and at much-reduced cost,”

We strongly believe in the benefits properly-used fire can have on our wildlife and want to train landowners in its use, Johnson added.

“These workshops are available to all who are interested in learning about using prescribed fire on private property. The purpose of the workshops is to educate participants about the benefits and mechanics of prescribed burning, allow them to communicate with and hire professionals to burn their property, and/or begin the training process for landowners to conduct burning themselves,” he explained. “We will cover planning, firing strategy and equipment, fire weather, proper safety considerations, Arkansas fire laws and more to give landowners the tools they need to use fire on small burn units on their property. We will also have a demonstration of a prescribed burn by AGFC personnel, weather permitting.”

To enroll in one of the free workshops, simply use the links below up to a week before each event. The links will provide specific times, directions and other information. Seating is limited and landowners much register to attend. For more information, contact Clint Johnson or 877-470-3650. These workshops have been made possible through partnerships with Arkansas Forestry Association, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Arkansas Forestry Commission and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Desoto Boy Scout Camp
319 Camp Desoto Rd, Junction City

Thursday, Feb. 19
Marmaduke Housing Authority
957 West Lillian, Marmaduke

Saturday, March 21
U of A Research Station
362 Hwy 174 N, Hope

Saturday, March 28
Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center
8300 Wells Lake Road, Fort Smith

Saturday, March 28
Wylie Cox Clubhouse on Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA
349 Lake Loop, Hattieville

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The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #41: The Current State of Whitetails in North America w/Kip Adams

Today on the show we’re discussing the current state of whitetails in North America, if our whitetail herds are in trouble, and what the potential solutions are. Joining us to provide some expert insight is Kip Adams, certified wildlife biologist and Director of Education and Outreach for the…

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Extinguisher Deer Call (Realtree) w/ DVD Instructional

Extinguisher Deer Call (Realtree) w/ DVD Instructional

The Extinguisher lets you go from fawn and doe bleats, to buck grunts, growls, pops, and groans in a split second and with very little movement. The Modislide is a breakthrough in deer call technology. This is the only whitetail call you will ever need! The freeze proof design makes it great for extreme climates. Packaged with audio/video CDROM this exclusive deer calling system will teach you how to communicate with deer and not just make a noise! Realtree. Mfg Item Number: 740

List price: $40.10

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Primos E-Deer Call

Primos E-Deer Call

All the advantages an electronic call can offer are yours with the e-DEER. Place the e-DEER speaker set where you need the deer to go and set-up where you are concealed. The e-DEER remote works from as far as 60 yards (180 feet) away. Other electronic calls produce sounds that pale in comparison to the realism of the sounds of the e-DEER. When you want an electronic call that actually -InchSpeaks The Language-Inch, you want the e-DEER. The e-DEER includes wireless remote and tree strap. The e-DEER produces the sound of Estrus Bleats, grunts, snort-wheezes, and rattling horns.

List price: $54.99

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An Incredible “First Buck Story” from Brent Rich

Today’s Wired To Hunt reader success story comes from Brent Rich who killed his first buck this year and got an especially exciting story to go along with it! Today we’re lucky that he’s chosen to share it with us. Enjoy, and join me in giving Brent a big congrats! – MK By…

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Red Deer Hunting Knife with Gut Hook and Nylon Sheath – 8.25 Inches Overall Length – Wooden Handle – Full Tang – High Carbon Steel Blade – Red Wood

Red Deer Hunting Knife with Gut Hook and Nylon Sheath - 8.25 Inches Overall Length - Wooden Handle - Full Tang - High Carbon Steel Blade - Red Wood

Feast your eyes on this magnificent piece of hunting ingenuity. This knife is one of Red Deers newest items and is a prized possession- for good reason. This knife features real wooden handles, glossed and sanded down. The handles themselves are very easy to hold and are perfect for gripping when cutting your animal. The gut-hook shaped blade shines so bright, you can see your reflection with the forest backdrop behind you. Red Deer knives bring a certain quality so you know you can use these knives again and again through much wear and tear. The blades are stainless steel and are super sharp. The handles are 5 inches long while the blade measures out to 3.25 inches in length. The knives themselves weigh out to 3.7 ounces and come with a free nylon sheath. The sheath features the Red Deer logo stitched in so you can flaunt it with pride and also comes with a belt loop for easy carrying.

List price: $22.99

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Say Hallelujah, Bloodbrothers, and Pass the Arrows!

Say Hallelujah, Bloodbrothers, and Pass the Arrows!

Uncle Ted is still putting does and bucks on the ground, and backstraps in the freezer!

Happy January 29, 2015 my NugeBlog BloodBrothers all. Yes, it is true, so wonderfully true that the deerseason does indeed throttle on here in Texas, Ohio and a few other deer rich jurisdictions where the mighty whitetails and muledeer of America still need some last ditch management.

Say Hallelujah and pass the arrows!

My duffle and Mathew’s bowcase are all packed up for yet another backstrap safari at the amazing Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas, and with killer VidCamDude Kris Helms, I do believe we shall capture more thrilling footage of old Uncle Ted in trees and groundblinds, excitedly stealthing many more ambushes for more titillating Spirit of the Wild television on Outdoor Channel.

And speaking of Spirit of the Wild TV on Outdoor Channel, I humbly offer all the real down to earth hunting families of America and beyond a hearty, loud and proud heartfelt THANK YOU for voting our little TV show the people’s choice again for the 3rd year in a row and more than a dozen times now.

Our team, Shemane and me, Dave Watson, VidCamDudes Kris and Big Jim and Toby all want to thank you for your incredible support and vote of confidence all these years. We simply cannot thank you enough.

It is important to celebrate just why we win this most important award, and there are many other shows and show producers that could learn a thing or two about upgrading their shows in ways to better connect with more hunting families. Afterall, the awards we win so often define the ultimate connection with the best hunting families out there.

#1- We have no script. We live this stuff heart and soul, fulltime, so we sure as hell don’t need teleprompters or scripted talking points to refer to. We know in our hearts exactly what we are doing and why we are killing surplus wildlife every natural fall season of harvest and we celebrate its conservation perfection with no apologies, no hesitation, no inhibitions whatsoever. We talk to the camera just like we talk to you across a BloodBrother campfire. No BS, absolutely no politically correct touchy feely nonsense, never backing down on this miraculous tooth, fang and claw, honest blood and guts life and death ballet that is the hunting lifestyle. We get it on and honest people like it.

#2- Speaking of honesty, we refuse to wipe the blood off our animals as we take them reverently in our hands as we honor them and thank God for His annual gift of pure, renewable protein. Though we admit the annual slaughter is indeed an annual harvest, we never back down from the honesty of killing the animals as the ultimate end game of the hunt. We are reasoning predators, not lying predators.

#3- We have maximum, no holds barred FUN on every hunt, every critter encounter, every kill, every show, every time. If it ain’t fun, nobody wants in and nobody is going to watch and nobody is going to learn the truth, the logic, the science, the irrefutable commonsense that is the natural hunting season. I didn’t invent fun, but clearly I have perfected it.

#4-PASSION! Everyone knows that I get more excited making a good kill on a small doe or a woodchuck than some of these goofballs do when they kill a record book buck. The reducing of magnificent creatures to score, mass, inches and such may very well be the most offensive display in our sport. Some bubba standing over a dead animal spewing nonsense about antler or horn dimensions instead of paying tribute to the animal’s life is something that most hunters will never understand, and quite honestly, find repugnant.

#5-Killer music. Ok, I admit it; I cheat. There simply is no other music on any outdoor show anywhere that can compare or compete with my sensual hammering R&B&R&R grindfest. Who could have possibly known that everyone of the 100s and 100s of songs I have authored would end up being the definitive soundtrack to the backstrap/spirit orgy. Oh Lord have mercy!

There are so many killer hunting shows on the various hunting networks that are fun and entertaining to watch and we salute them all. This is surely the golden age of hunting TV!

I would also highly recommend everyone watch my hero Sarah Palin’s new Amazing America shows on Sportsman Channel, especially the show we did together airing tonight, Thursday, January 29, at 9 p.m.

Sarah and her husband Todd joined us at our Texas SpiritWild Ranch home for a day of fun, grilling, shooting and celebrating all that is uniquely The American Dream.

I deeply admire this great woman and think she brings a powerful message to the world, especially in the context of her Sportsman Channel show.

So carryon my BloodBrothers as I assure you that I am, and I thank you again for the opportunity here to communicate as we push forward for another glorious year of deer and deer hunting. Do join me and tens of millions of my great American friends and even foreigner friends on my facebook and website to share and promote this greatest of sports/lifestyle. We are the lucky ones and need to recruit everyone in the world smart enough to get it.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website here for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows in 2015.

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Primos “The Long CAN” Deer Call with Grip Rings

The “Long CAN” produces longer, more intense Estrus Bleats, which lets bucks know there is a doe that’s ready to be bred. During the pre-rut and rut this is the sound bucks are listening for. Be sure you are set up in an area where bucks have to come in and search for the doe when you call.

List price: $14.95

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