27 Benefits of Hunting, Eating Wild Venison

27 Benefits of Hunting, Eating Wild Venison

Whether you’ve been eating venison and other wild game for years or have just begun, there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it’s a clean, healthy, nutritious lifestyle when you’re enjoying the bounty from a hunting trip.

Check out this series of facts about the benefits and be sure to share this with your friends and on social media. Get the word out!


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Our great project between Rick and Jen and F+W Media, our parent company, for their super new wild game cookbook is ready for the big spotlight.

“Hunting for Food” is 175 pages covering 13 species, with great cooking preparation photos and super recipes. Begin with detailed instructions on the best practices for hunting different types of game, including coverage of how to find or attract the game you’re looking to hunt, best times for hunting, and the gear you’ll need to be successful.

Once you’ve successfully completed a hunt, then what? This complete field-to-table guide also includes information on field dressing and processing wild game, as well as recipe cooking instructions for preparing it. Processing and preparation instructions cover a wide variety of game, including fish, fowl and small game, as well as deer and wild hog.Order Hunting for Food now.


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Celebrate the Hunting Lifestyle at Sports Shows Nationwide

Celebrate the Hunting Lifestyle at Sports Shows Nationwide

Ted’s an autograph-photo machine at sports shows but the best part is meeting American Bloodbrothers across the land!

The Nugent family has always cherished our time together. As usual, it is the hunting camp campfire that seems to be the most dynamic and conducive to optimal heart and soul memories.

In today’s double live Gonzo hectic world, it is getting more and more difficult to coordinate family schedules where we can make these sacred campfires happen. But we throttle away the best we can and never give up.

I have found too that these campfires with our Sunrize Safaris hunters are equally special, and gungho BloodBrother connections are made with great families every hunting season.

Though the intimacy of campfire time is unique in life, there is another alternative to such a spiritual connection beyond the fire-ring.

I have been very lucky to attend many public sporting events for more than 40 years, and even within the hustle and bustle of such large gatherings there is a certain shared connection that takes place under the unified dome of conservation and the love of the outdoor lifestyle.

My Queen of the Forest, Shemane and I celebrated such an event last week at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo, and I am here to tell you that life is very, very good when surrounded by such hardcore, dedicated hunters, fishers and trappers as we were in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Young and old, fans enjoy meeting Ted and chatting for a moment about hunting, fishing, shooting and the outdoors lifestyle we love!

Thanks to the Towns Square Live Events team of Frank Malambri, Mike Grimsley and Dawn Richard for inviting Shemane and I, and to the Fire and Safety Specialists and Acadiana Dodge for sponsoring the event, the Cajundome and Convention Center was packed to the gills with wonderful workin’ hard playin’ hard backstrappin’ hunt/fish/trap/gut/filet/kill ‘em and grill ‘em SpiritWild BloodBrothers galore!

The positive spirit and goodwill was a powerful reminder of just how wonderful our fellow sporters are.

Good Lord we felt right at home!!

This annual sporting celebration, like so many across the country each year is a killer opportunity to extend our love of the sport before opening day is upon us.

Every imaginable gun, bow, ammo, arrow, broadhead, sight, arrow rest, lure, knife, sharpener, camo, clothing, boot, call, decoy, scent, bait, fishing gear, optics, ATV, trailcam, backpack, trap, boat, seasoning, batter-mix, taxidermist, guide, outfitter and more was there to be examined, fondled, discussed and purchased. It was a sporting goods consumer orgy on fire!

I like that!

Shemane and I would like to thank everyone we met, both at the event and cruising Lafayette for their friendliness, hospitality and love. You all boost our confidence that American sporters are the best, kindest, giving, loving people in the world.

Attend some of these amazing events wherever and whenever you can. It’s not exactly a hunting campfire during the hunting season, but it sure is close!

Shemane, Ted, Angela West and Col. Allen West enjoyed a great visit in Louisiana.

It is important to note that we arrived in Lafayette just a day after the tragic murder of 21-year-old Mayci Breaux and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson by the deranged punk in the movie theater.

We arrived as the guests of our dear friends Greg and Donna Mosing along with American Army hero Col. Allen West and his wife, Angela. We immediately placed flowers at the scene and prayed for all the victims and their families and the entire Lafayette family.

It is also important to note that when confronted by a gaggle of media near the theater, some of whom attempted to goad us into a political firearms debate, both Colonel West and I declined to allow politics to surface while we mourned the deaths and injuries of our Louisiana neighbors.

Col. Allen West doesn’t mind showing this!

Even though we declined to discuss gun laws, many in the media falsely condemned us for “grandstanding” and turning a tragedy into political theater.

Think about that for a moment when you read the nonstop vicious hate and lies about me here, there and everywhere. The haters’ statements were 100% vicious lies, completely and intentionally misrepresenting what was said and what actually occurred.

The Saul Alinsky hate-book Rules For Radicals, the bible of the liberal left, continues to be the driving force of dishonesty and irresponsible “journalists” wherever you find them. And remember, they hate hunting, they hate trapping, they hate guns and they hate gun owners. They also hate self-defense and conservation.

That is why I am so damn proud that they hate me.

Click to learn more …

A Must-Have Hunting Accessory for Every Pack
Get a hand warmer, LED flashlight, and portable power supply all in one device with FireCel – a versatile and compact multi-purpose tool! Built with a high-quality aluminum shell, this device is durable enough for outdoor use, as well as compact enough to easily fit in your hunting bag, pocket, or glove compartment.

FireCel features a two-temperature hand warmer, with both 110- and 130-degree settings, which will provide steady heat for up to 3 hours. Charge your smartphone, MP3 player, or other USB-powered device with the included 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery – it can deliver a full charge. Plus, the integrated LED flashlight includes both red and white LEDs, as well as 5 operating modes: red light only, white light only, red light blinking, white light blinking, SOS. See it here now … 

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DDH TV: Pattern Deer Without Being Patterned

DDH TV: Pattern Deer Without Being Patterned

Coming soon on Deer & Deer Hunting TV, learn how to pattern mature bucks without having them know you’re there. The show airs Monday, Aug. 3 on NBC Sports.

Patterning deer can be a hard process, but harder still is to make sure the deer are not patterning you at the same time.  We go through the seasons from early season through the rut to late season with three great hunts.

Hosted by Steve Bartylla, Mark Kayser, Gordy Krahn and Dan Schmidt — D&DH TV has one goal: To help you better understand deer behavior and hunting tactics so you can be more successful this season.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV on NBC Sports is sponsored by: Ani-Logics Deer Feed Supplement, Barnett Crossbows, Carbon Express, Cuddeback, Field Logic, Mathews Archery, Mossberg Firearms, Muck Boots, Nikon Sport Optics and Wildlife Research Center.

For more deer hunting products, books, magazines and more, visit www.shopdeerhunting.com.

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Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine gives outdoor enthusiasts who hunt white-tailed deer must-know information, from deer behavior to rut predictions. The brand’s magazine success spawned the outdoors television shows Deer & Deer Hunting TV, aired on NBC Sports Outdoors, Land of Whitetail aired on The Pursuit Channel and Destination Whitetail airing on Sportsman Channel. Deer & Deer Hunting also produces groundbreaking software programs, numerous books and educational media. Visit www.deeranddeerhunting.com for more information. Deer & Deer Hunting is an imprint of F+W, A Content + ecommerce Company. (www.fwcommunity.com).

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The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #65: Butchering & Cooking Venison w/Hank Shaw

Today on the show we’re exploring the original and most important reason for hunting. Food! And joining us is acclaimed food author and blogger, Hank Shaw. To listen to the podcast, click the Play button in the orange bar above…

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Montana Decoy 0046 The Freshman Hunting Decoy

Montana Decoy 0046 The Freshman Hunting Decoy

The Freshman mimics a young buck with a big attitude. When dominant bucks see the decoy, with its ears back and aggressive posture with a small body and dinky rack, they run in to defend their turf. The Freshman is the most packable buck decoy on the market and uses HD photography to take realism to a whole new level. Wash, air dry and then store the Freshman in a scent-safe bag for defeating your buck’s sense of smell. It is much simpler to keep the Freshman scent-free compared to larger, bulky models. This decoy weighs a mere 35 ounces with leg poles and twist folds down to an easy-carrying 13″ X 20.” Inviting a challenge, The Freshman works great by itself, or up the ante and use it alongside one of Montana Decoy’s does to irritate and bring in territorial bucks.

List price: $89.99

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FX4 Camo Deer Skull Hunting F-150 Truck Sticker bowtech hoyt mathews

FX4 Camo Deer Skull Hunting F-150 Truck Sticker bowtech hoyt mathews

Printed and Laminated with the latest digital technology on professional 6 year outdoor vinyl. Go ahead and make your ride stand apart from the rest by replacing those factory decals. Clean with damp cloth only to prolong life.

List price: $59.99

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Hunter’s Specialties Fresh Earth Cover Scent Wafers (9 Pack)

Hunter's Specialties Fresh Earth Cover Scent Wafers (9 Pack)

Primetime Scent Wafer technology makes pure concentrated scent part of the wafer itself, with the ability to use them for multiple hunts. Easy and effective to use – hang from a branch or pin to your clothing. Scent Wafers are long lasting and renew themselves in their storage container after the days hunt. Contains 9 solid cover-scent wafers, storage containers, hangers and pins. Also available in a wide range of cover scents and lures.

List price: $18.69

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Intro to Archery: Archers vs. Bowhunters? Meat Eaters vs. Vegetarians?

Intro to Archery: Archers vs. Bowhunters? Meat Eaters vs. Vegetarians?

Is there really a divide between archers and bowhunters? Or does the real debate lie between meat eaters and vegetarians?

I admit that these may be odd questions to ask, but ones that I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks following a piece I wrote for the Archery Trade Association about why I decided to learn how to bowhunt. While many of the comments were positive, a few stood out that really tried to draw a clear distinction between archers and bowhunters, which I think is not the actual issue at all. Instead, I think that it’s the classic argument of which side is right: meat eaters or vegetarians.

Practicing archery on a sunny summer day.

As a former vegetarian, my reasons for not eating meat were based upon the ethical side of commercial slaughterhouses and factory farms. I recently completed my M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems and spent the last few years studying what makes up a healthy food system. Here’s a hint: it’s not Tyson or Perdue. I’m not advocating that everyone decide to start hunting or give up a vegetarian lifestyle, but I am asking that the argument be less about archery versus bowhunting and, instead, the realization that the real discussion seems to be meat eater versus vegetarian.

Bowhunting practice from the top of my tree stand.

When I decided to eat meat again, it was because my body needed it. My doctor asked me to switch from my vegetarian-soy-based diet to one that incorporated quality meat again. So I started eating the wild caught fish and venison my husband harvested in northern Michigan and gradually became healthier for it — I noticed a distinct difference once meat was back in my diet. Each person is unique and requires a different diet to thrive. For me, that is a meat-based one that incorporates plenty of quality meat harvested from the local woods.

I view archery as a distinct skill, a sport that promotes concentration, patience and practice. I view bowhunting as an extension of archery with the added stress of making a lethal shot at a moving target and the added bonus of filling my freezer with quality meat. I am a meat eater. And feel better physically and mentally because of it. For me, there is a way to ethically eat meat – and bowhunting is one of the ways I’ve chosen to obtain it.

Are You New to Bowhunting? Check out my “Beginner’s Guide to Archery: For Women” DVD available at HERE. 

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American Hunter Economy Feeder Kit with Photo Cell Timer

American Hunter Economy Feeder Kit with Photo Cell Timer

American Hunter E-Kit – Photocell Technology, Feed at day light, and again up to 12 hours later, Adjustable feed rate (1-30 seconds), Galvanized Metal Slinger, Metal Downspout, Heavy Galvanized Metal Mounting Brackets, Operates on one 6 volt Spring Top Battery which is not included, High Torque Motor

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