Deer Talk Now: Kristen Schmitt on Being a Locavore and Deer Hunter

Deer Talk Now: Kristen Schmitt on Being a Locavore and Deer Hunter

This week’s all-new episode of Deer Talk Now is all about the readers as Kristen Schmitt, author of the new Deer & Deer Hunting blog City Roots to Hunting Boots, talks about embracing the locavore movement, transitioning to a rural lifestyle and her first steps along the bowhunting path.

Kristen SchmittA native of metropolitan Detroit, Schmitt moved her family to the Green Mountains in Vermont in August 2012. Upon relocating, Schmitt resolved to educate herself on sustainable living and training for her first hunt, a pursuit that she documents weekly on the City Roots to Hunting Boots blog.

Schmitt’s blog chronicles her journey to her first hunt and examines the benefits of sustainable food systems and the nutritional value of wild game.

Watch her episode of Deer Talk Now to learn more about Schmitt’s insights on venison as a healthy alternative to traditional meats, her experiences learning to shoot a bow, why she’s so enthusiastic about locavore culture and more.

Plus, be sure to check out the Deer Talk Now archives for more hunting tips from Ted Nugent, Steve Bartylla, Donald Trump Jr., Don Higgins and other deer hunters!



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