Magnum Deer Sleigh’r Game Sled

Magnum Deer Sleigh'r Game Sled

Deer Sleigh’r Game Sled helps you transport your trophies quickly and easily. Congratulations! You just bagged the buck of a lifetime! Now how are you going to get it back to the lodge? Transporting your trophies has never been easier than with the Deer Sleigh’r. The slick, tough-tested polymer construction of the Sleigh’r offers clean, simple movement of both animals and gear over nearly ANY terrain. Just strap the game to the surface, thread the included 6′ rope through the grommets, and go! You’ll be back at camp before you know it! Two sizes available. Smart sled: Slides easily over snow, gravel and light brush; Compact and lightweight; Protects meat and hide ; Goes places trucks, carts and ATVs can’t. Hauling game doesn’t have to be a “drag.” Measures 3 x 6′ h, 5 lbs. Fits large deer, bear, elk. Order your Sleigh’r today! Magnum Deer Sleigh’r Game Sled

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