Massive Bowkill Buck Likely to Top State Record Book

Massive Bowkill Buck Likely to Top State Record Book

Chad Scyphers of West Virginia hunted this big 12-point for years before finally getting a shot, and his hard work paid off. The buck green scored 196 5/8 with an estimated 10 points of deductions, which if accurate still would put the buck about 10 points better than the state record.

A two-year quest for a massive white-tailed buck has resulted in what may be the new state record and it could shatter the existing mark by about 10 points.

To top it off, the buck was killed on public land … so all the haters who want to immediately scream “fence” or “payhunt” can forget about that. Wild, free-range and public land, and this buck definitely is a head-turning beast!

Chad Scyphers has revealed little about his huge buck and says he will give more details after the 60-day drying period to have it officially scored for the Pope and Young records. He killed it while bowhunting on public land in McDowell County, West Virginia.

The current West Virginia bow record is 175 6/8, which was set in 1998 by Mark Lester.

Scyphers’ buck has been green-scored at 196 5/8 and some estimates have about 10 points of deductions. If true, and the numbers hold, Scyphers’ buck still would scored about 185 or so and easily eclipse Lester’s existing record.

Scyphers works at Mountain Heritage Outdoor and Taxidermy in Princeton, W.Va.

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