These are things I will not go hunting without

There are things I will not be in the hunting field without. Hunting is a passion that burns deep inside many of us. For that reason, I have put together a list of products few hunters have ever seen. I plan on keeping this list updated so visit often.

My name is Grant Lockwood. I am 57 years old and have been hunting all my life. My time in the woods is limited. I will not waste my time going out to hunt if I am not going to do it right. I have been called Mr. Gadget from some of my shooting and hunting friends. I will buy all sorts of scents, calls, and gadgets of all kinds. All this in hopes to find the one thing to make my hunt more successful and fun. Nothing beats being in the woods and seeing deer and game all around you. So many of those gadgets have failed and cum up very short. Some have frightened more game away than we even know.

With that said, let us start with the list.

1) Never go out without wearing your HECS screen suit in the field. You will see more animals of all sorts wearing this fantastic product.
Have you ever been in a treestand? The Wind at your face, deer walks in range.. stands there and jolts it hear around staring right at you in the tree?. Most of us have had this happen. It is from the game animals ability to see electric pulses vibrating out of your body. Pray animals emit this electromagnetic field and game animals can see it. This electric energy lights you up and the deer see you.

This HECS cloth has a weave that blocks the electrical wave and animals can not detect you there. I have found that I can stalk into the deer living room. undetected. It is remarkable how calm the whole woods are when I am wearing HECS. Birds, squirrels and all sorts of animals are relaxed. However, animals will notice you when you dance around the woods. Although, it is almost like being invisible.

Therefore, the first product to get is this HECS outfit from head to toes.
You will not regret it. Here is a link. GET HECS NOW





2) NEXT Product will blow your mind. The issue I had for years was spending hundreds of dollars every year on sent free sprays. I bought spray to kill my odors, to cover my odors and to kill gas, food, pee.. and every smell known to man. Some did an OK job for an hr or two. Most were a complete waste of money.



This scent Theif .. is all new. It has a smell that when the deer smell it, the deer do not smell YOU, Mr stinky hunter. Friends of mine who are using this are all saying that the deer just do not get alarmed from the smell and the deer do not wind YOU.

The SCENT THIEF product is a must for anyone in the woods.



3)  Invisib-oil

Now, we have a way to keep deer and other game from detecting your path. As you walk through the fields and woods, you leave a tell tail sign of you. YOUR SKIN FLAKES OFF YOU. This flakes of skin are how a bloodhound tracks you.

Take a shower with scent free soap, shampoo and scent free deodorant. You put on scent free clothes. Then you walk through the woods shedding skin flakes for every animal to smell you. 

Now take a shower and put on some INVIABOIL. This is a light oil that keeps the skin flakes from coming off you. YOU WILL BE AMAZING AT HOW DEER CAN NOT SMELL YOUR PATH. USE THIS SCOUTING SO DEER DO NOT KNOW YOU WERE THERE. USE THIS WITH SCENT THIEF AND YOU ARE GOLDEN.




4) Now that you are scent free.. covered in invisib-oil and wearing your HECS suit… we now are going to smell great…cover scent and as well as attractent scent.

We use this vapor Maker from 

The deer smell with using vapor in the air. Thier noise will pick up scent in the air that is floating in the air as a liquid. The doe sprays her IN HEAT liquid into the air as a vapor. So let us use that same thing to spray our cover scent or attractant.

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5) for the ARCHER hunters … this will change your accuracy with broadheads… yup.. it will. and I am using this.

ETHICS ARCHERY IS MAKING AN INSERT THAT LETS THE ARROW SPIN. Stop and let me explain. Being a student of ballistics and projectile flight for oh, 30 years, I can say I am thrilled with this product. Your arrow used a lot of energy from the launch to try to spin the arrow. Now imagine placing an enormous weight with blades in front of the arrow. Ugg, the arrow struggles to push forward, losing a lot of kinetic energy and producing a wobble that is hard to straighten in flight. Now let us get arrow flying through any wind, and you see how this affects flight and accuracy. Yes, you can get good broadhead flight. I have many times. Only I know I can do better. Plus the wind always causes me to think twice about shooting an animal I might wound.


Now come ETHICS ARCHERY and the spinning insert. It is a replacement insert that allows the point or broadhead to stay still and the arrow to spin. The effect is much better penetration with less loose of kinetic energy and better accuracy.The spinning inserts cost about $3.00 each. These are a MUST HAVE .

The spinning inserts cost about $3.00 each. These are a MUST HAVE. All te proof I needed to even try them as the test they did in Africa. How would you think shooting out of a flying helicopter would effect an arrow?. Yes, you guessed it. The arrow flew all crazy and never hot what aimed at. Next, shoot an arrow with the spinning insert in it and wow. Great arrow flight even out of a helicopter.

That did it. I got some a love these Ethics Archery Spinning and I love them.




Now, for those hunting from TREE STANDS…

Ever set up a ladder stand?. Then you know the feeling of climbing the stand to secure it to the tree. This is when you feel like you are going to fall out. You feel like the stand will slide off the tree and crash to the ground with you on it. You sometimes think you are going got die setting up your ladder stand.

If you have a stand you paid good money for and wanting never to feel like that again than here is the product for you.

This is a jaw that connects to the top of the treestand. It is done from standing at the bottom of the stand and using straps you tighten the jaws around the tree. Secured to the tree before you ever step up the ladder, you are safe to climb up.

Look at this video

Just go and see for yourself. This company just started this month and is doing amazing. I ordered mine and still do not have it. It will be on all my stands.

If you want a new stand with a similar safety aspect. You can go to this site.

This ladder stand has a claw on the top of the stand that grips the tree. You than wrap the tree with ropes that racquet up and secure the stand BEFORE you try to climb up the stand. It is very safe.



Now we need to CALL IN THE DEER.. so use the best deer call around. The Duel Grunt tub is the very best I have ever used. They mimic the throat and windpipe of a deer so the sound is exactly like a deer. I have used every single deer call on the market and nothing comes even close to the realistic sounds from the DUEL .

Here is how to get one for yourself. Click on this photo.