Does Size Matter in Deer Shed Hunting?

Enjoy watching the video above? That's because every shed is a good shed.

All Sheds Can Measure Up to Your Shed-Hunting Standards

What makes a good shed? I say any shed is a good shed.

Obviously, we all want to find the big ones, but hey, it takes a sharp eye to spot the little ones, right? Although it’s nice to find big antlers, it’s not necessarily the big ones that are most desirable.

Often, having a history with a deer drives us to find his antlers and makes finding them that much more meaningful. It’s always nice to find sheds from a buck that you’ve been hunting or that you have scouting cam pics of. It’s also really cool to get multiple sheds from the same buck. Unusually shaped antlers are cool too.

Antlers are unique and they are just fun to collect. Sometimes sheds are special because of the place where we found them or who we were with at the time. Of all the sheds I’ve found, it isn’t always the big ones that I like the best. Like anyone, I have my favorites.

One set from several years ago stands out. I call the buck Big Bad Gene. The main beams are really thick, but the points are really short. The bases are huge. I think the buck was old enough to be going downhill.

I also really like some sheds I got from a buck I call Short and Stout. I found his left antler from three years in a row, and his right antler just once. All of his sheds were found within about 200 yards of each other. What’s amazing about this deer is his antlers grew very little each year. Even cooler is the fact that I never saw this deer or tried to get a picture of him.

None of the sheds from Big Bad Gene or from Short and Stout are huge, but they are unique and special. Well, all my antlers are special. Pull any one out of my antler pile and I can probably tell you where I found it. There’s just something about sheds that fires me up. Can’t wait to got find some more!

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